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Patriot officially shows Vortex RAM cooler

by on06 August 2008


Dual fan RAM cooler

Patriot has officially unveiled its Vortex RAM cooler, the same one that we had a chance to picture during this year's CeBIT show.

The new Vortex RAM cooler uses two 40mm fans with blue LED lights that spin at 5,000 RPM. The new Vortex cooler should reduce the memory temperature up to 30 percent and it takes one free DIMM slot. Unfortunately, the amount of noise that it produces isn't mentioned on Patriot's product page, but we doubt that two 40mm fans spinning at 5,000 RPM will prove to be a quiet affair.

Back at CeBIT, Patriot hinted that these might be bundled with future released memory modules and we suspect that it will certainly happen now as the Vortex is officially released. The new Vortex cooler is compatible with Patriot's Viper, Bladed and Signature memory product line and comes with a three-year warranty.

This is how it looks.


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