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Sparkle gives Calibre cooler to DIYers

by on08 August 2008


Dual fan copper cooler

Due to positive reviews of graphics cards equipped with its Dual Fly cooler, Sparkle has decided to announce a standalone Dual Fly cooler for high-end DIYers. The VDT2000 is a dual fan copper-aluminum cooler that can be fitted on a wide variety of Nvidia and ATI cards.

The cooler comes with dual heatpipes and two 3000 RPM low noise fans that cool the 0.2mm pure copper fins. The copper heatpipes are attached to the thermal base that has a copper core. The special feature of the Dual Fly cooler is that its fans can be adjusted by raising and lowering them. This feature helps in cooling not only the graphics card PCB but the entire motherboard, at least according to the press release.

According to that same press release the VDT2000 is capable of lowering the GPU, video memory and PCB temeratures by 13, 4 and 10 degrees, while the case temperature can be dropped by 5 degrees when compared to the reference cooler on the 8800GT card. The noise, on the other hand, reaches 30dBA.

The VDT2000 Dual Fly cooling can be mounted on Nvidia's 9800 GT, 9600 GT/GSO, 8800 GT/GS, 8600 GTS, 7900 GT/GS, 7800 GT/GS and ATI's HD 4850, HD 3870, HD 3850, X2900 XT, X1950Pro/XT/XTX, X1900 GT/XT/XTX and X1800 GTO/XL/XT graphics cards.


Last modified on 08 August 2008
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