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Chipzilla merges mobile and PC chip divisions

by on18 November 2014

Apparently, they are the same thing

Intel has decided that mobile and PC chips are now pretty much the same thing and is merging those two divisions. Intel will combine its PC and mobile processor divisions under one roof, reflecting a changing market in which the line between tablets and laptops has blurred.

Chipzilla is forming a new division at the start of next year called the Client Computing Group, which will include the teams that develop its Core processors for desktops and laptops, as well as those that develop its Atom chips for smartphones and tablets. Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy said the move will improve lines of communication between product teams and help Intel better reach manufacturers that use its products.

Generally Intel served the PC market with its Core processors and the smartphone and tablet markets with its low-power Atom chips. However now it thinks that those lines are no longer so clear. Hybrid computers, which can switch between a laptop and a tablet, blur the boundary. Intel’s Core M processors are used in traditional laptops but also in hybrid computers and tablets. The current structure of the company no longer matches where the market is headed.

Kirk Skaugen, who leads what is currently called the PC Client Group, will run the Client Computing Group when it is formed. The Mobile and Communications Group will be broken up. The teams that develop mobile processors will join the new client group, while the remainder, which builds modems, will be part of a new wireless R&D group.

Herman Eul, who leads the mobile group, will oversee the move to the new structure until at least the end of the first quarter, with a new role for him to be announced after that, Mulloy said.

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