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More Asus N10 details and pictures

by on04 September 2008


Nvidia graphics in Atom netbook

Although we've already seen a lot of pictures of the Asus N10 netbook, it seems like Asus has been showing it off in Korea and Aving was there to take loads of pictures of it. Some interesting details came out at the same time and the most controversial is the fact that it has a Geforce 9300M GS with what appears to be 256MB of dedicated graphics memory.

Now, one has to wonder why you would need this in an Atom N270 powered netbook, as it's likely to make the battery life suffer. Although in saying that, as Asus has added an HDMI interface, it would possibly make this tiny netbook able to play back high definition video, but again, we're not sure who'd want such a setup.

As we've reported about in the past, the N10 will also have an Express Card 34 slot and the model pictured in this case comes with 2GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive and an LED backlit display. All these specification changes breaks the Intel and Microsoft rules for what is allowed to be put in an Atom powered machine, so it'll be interesting to see if the N10 actually ever makes it into production.

One thing is for sure, the price point that Digitimes reported on some time back is not going to happen, we'd expect the N10 to retail for at least €500, if not more, partially because Asus won't get a discount on the OS from Microsoft and most certainly because all this extra hardware costs a lot of extra money compared to what you get in an Eee PC.

You can check out the new pictures here

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