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Toshiba unveils 1.8-inch 250GB drive

by on25 September 2008


5400RPM SATA drive for ultra-portables


Recently, Toshiba launched a record breaking 1.8-inch 240GB drive and now it has outdone itself by unveiling a 250GB MKxx29GSG series unit.

The previously announced 240GB drive was stuck with the obsolescent PATA interface, whereas the new drive is a SATA unit and as it spins at 5400RPM, impressive performance is to be expected.

The 8mm thick featherweight sounds like a great choice for ultra-portable notebooks, which are currently limited to small and slow 1.8-inch drives or expensive SSDs. The new drive should go into production in November, and you can expect it in actual products by the end of the year.

Last modified on 26 September 2008
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