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MI5 loses computer after break in

by on03 October 2008


Spies like us

Burglers nicked
a handheld computer from a safe house belonging to Britain's domestic spy service, MI5.

Police in the city of Manchester confirmed in a statement that a house had been broken into over the weekend and that an encrypted handheld computer was stolen.

It was the usual thing of burglars entering through an open window.  They could have had no idea that the house was being rented by MI5, the domestic spy service. The theft is the latest in an embarrassing number of security leaks for Blighty’s James Bonds.

A British newspaper reported on Tuesday that police were investigating the sale of a camera on eBay that is said to have contained MI6 images of terror suspects. MI6 collects Britain's foreign intelligence.
Last modified on 04 October 2008
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