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AOpen has Santa Rosa in a box

by on28 May 2007

MODT SFF system

AOpen has almost dissapeared from the main stream PC market over the past couple of years, which is really a shame as the company has made some first class products and used to be quite an innovator in the motherboard market.

With it's move to the MODT - Mobile on Desktop - platform, AOpen has pulled out of the main stream market completley, although it now has a new version with Santa Rosa support.

The MP965-VDR will be shown during Computex, but AOpen won't have a booth this year, instead it will have a shuttle bus service to its head office in Taipei for visitors interested in looking at its new products.

The MP965-VDR looks similar to the previous MODT systems from AOpen, although it will use the new GM965 chipset and the new range of 800MHz bus Core 2 Duo processors.

It will also support optional 802.11n wireless networking, Bluetooth and an integrated TV-tuner as well as Turbo Memory. There will be a limitation on how these things can be combined, as it only has two mini PCI Express slots.

This is what the MP965-VDR looks like

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