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Scientists search for HD-TV successor

by on29 May 2007


Say hi to Super Hi-Vision

at NHK's (Nippon Hoso Kyokai) Science and Technical Research Laboratories have showed off their most recent work on Super Hi-Vision,
a system they hope will eventually replace HDTV.

Super Hi-Vision (SHV) is made up of 4,320 horizontal picture lines and 7,680 vertical lines, or four times the horizontal and vertical
resolution of current HDTV.

It was first demonstrated last year, but this year the company has developed an image sensor for use in TV cameras that can shoot an entire
SHV screen.

Until now the sensors in NHK's prototype SHV camera had half the resolution of an SHV image. Three were used, one each for red, blue and
green, and an extra green sensor was added to effectively double the resolution possible and match that of SHV.

According to PCWorld the biggist problem the enginners are facing is the real-time encoding and decoding of a 24G bps (bits per second) signal.

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