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Super Talent announces 0.85 and 1-inch SSDs

by on23 October 2008


For UMPCs and DMBs

Talent has introduced some rather interesting new products in its SSD lineup. The new 0.85 and 1-inch SSDs should replace hard disk drives in UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PC) and DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) devices.

Both new drives are based on Intel's Z-P140 SSD design and use single-level NAND flash memory. In order to connect to the desired device, both of these SSDs will use parallel ATA (PATA/IDE) interface with a ZIF connector. With these two, Super Talent can easily claim the world's tiniest SSDs title. These two should easily replace hard disk drives, as they are much smaller, cheaper, lighter and most importantly, much faster.

The 0.85-inch SSDs will be available in 2 and 4GB capacities and should offer maximum read/write speed of 40/30 MB/s. The 1.0-inch parts will be available in 2, 4 and 8GB capacities and will have the same write/read speeds.

These little beasts should start to appear in some UMPC and DMB devices pretty soon.



Last modified on 24 October 2008
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