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ATI overtaking Nvidia in graphics sales

by on27 October 2008


In many European markets

ATI is gaining momentum and its Radeon HD 4000 series is selling great. This is what the company has confirmed to us, and in many markets it looks that more people are buying ATI than Nvidia.

We’ve spoken to many retailers / etailers and it looks that in many regions ATI is outselling Nvidia. Obviously, the current trend is that ATI gains market share and Nvidia loses it accordingly.

This transition started with the introduction of Radeon HD 48x0 and it still gains even more supporters. Mercury research is supposed to have Q3 2008 details very shortly and we expect to see a noticeable difference in ATI and Nvidia market share numbers.

We have a strong reason to believe that the growth curve will work in ATI’s advantage even more in Q4 2008, as this is the general feeling in the market.
Last modified on 28 October 2008
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