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Starcraft II delayed until 2008.

by on31 May 2007
No Christmas for Starcraft fans


According to our colleagues at Gamespot, there will be no Starcraft II this year. In his interview with MSNBC, Blizzard's vice president of game design, Rob Pardo smashed every hope that Starcraft II will come out this year.

When he spoke to MSNBC, Pardo said, "The only thing I can give you [that's] concrete is it's not going to be this year. Some people were hoping, because of how advanced the game looks, that we'd have it out by Christmas, but that's definitely not happening."

Pardo made few other hints about Blizzard's future, with his statement that the 40 developers working on Starcraft II are "one of the smaller teams." As Gamespot reports, job listings on the Blizzard site indicated on "next generation MMO", which will not be yet another World of Warcraft. And further more, rumor about Diablo III development is still floating around the net, and we don't have any doubt in Blizzard.

You can read the full article over at Gamespot.

Last modified on 01 June 2007
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