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Spammer arrested but spam lives on

by on02 June 2007






FBI getting ahead of themselves


Recently arrested spammer, Robert Alan Soloway, is not quite a spam king, he's more like a spam pawn. That didn't stop the authorities from prancing around bragging how they stopped spam.

All the claims that Soloway is one of the top spammers in the world slowly lose their credibility, as his arrest, it seems, is not making that big a difference. It maybe made a difference for taxpayers, as they probably payed for his arrest.

Allegedly, Internet was to see a considerable drop in spam after the arest, but it has hardly made a dent. There was no notable drop, the numbers were still the same, 70 billion messages in 24 hour period which is the same number from two weeks before.

Last modified on 02 June 2007
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