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First PC Magazine, next EGM?

by on21 November 2008


Print distribution continues to die

As we told you yesterday, Ziff Davis has elected to move the company’s PC Magazine online ending the run of one of the longest running computer magazines. Now word is circulating that the only remaining print magazine left which happens to be Electronic Gaming Monthly could also be headed this direction as well.

The decision to move EGM online could be a little more difficult than the decision to move PC Magazine online. The reason is that in the video game arena an online only EGM would have a lot of competitors, and it just might not survive the move to online. In addition, Ziff Davis already own, which is really the online site for EGM that shares both writers and content.

We suspect that it is more likely that might be rebranded as EGM Online or something to that effect if Ziff elects to move in this direction. Still, there might be some value in keeping EGM as a print media product, but publishers are facing a shrinking market for print magazines and it is an evolution that has been coming for some time.

Last modified on 21 November 2008
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