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Windows 7 to come with DirectX 11

by on24 November 2008


Can't make up their mind

After the initial interview that chaps from had with Microsoft's Ben Basaric, Product Marketing Manager for Windows, we had a brief moment of surprise with the vague statement that Windows 7 is unlikely to come with DirectX 11, but the same guys have since managed to confirm that both Vista and Windows 7 will get DirectX 11. 

According to some posts around the net, DirectX 11 binaries are already included with the November SDK, so it was a bit surprising to read that one of the Windows guys at Microsoft made such a statement. The guys at PCGamesHardware managed to get a new statement from the same guy that Windows 7 will after all be delivered with DirectX 11. In addition to that, even Windows Vista will have support for DX11, but it is sill unclear if this will come via a Service Pack or a standalone upgrade.

All we have to do now is wait for some DirectX 11 capable hardware and Windows 7, or at least Windows Vista DX11 support.

You can find both statements here

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