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Smoothcreations launches a new SFF gaming PC

by on27 November 2008


The small but powerful P90X

Smoothcreations has decided to announce a new small form factor gaming PC, the Christmas ready P90X. This small system weighs under 6.8kg and, as all systems that from Smoothcreations, this one will also feature a custom painted case.

The specs include Intel's QX9770 CPU cooled by Danger Den water-cooling solution and up to 4GB of memory. As for the graphics cards, Smoothcreations offer choice of either ATI's water-cooled Radeon HD 4870 or HD 4870 X2 H2O Special Edition, or Nvidia's BFG Geforce GTX 280 or the GTX 280 H2OC edition.

The low weight, small dimensions and impressive power, makes this SFF system a perfect choice for LAN parties. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Smoothcreations is giving away a free copy of Microsoft Office 2008 and a copy of Far Cry 2 with every BFG system ordered between Thanksgiving and December 1st.

The new P90X should be available at and prices start at $1,995.



Last modified on 27 November 2008
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