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Intel and Asus deliver $200 laptops

by on05 June 2007


Poor man's laptop


Intel and Asus will team up to produce a $200 notebook PC aimed at education of children in developing countries. These will feature hand-cranks - which are supposed to help with the lack of electricity in some areas of under-developed countries.

The laptop processors will definitely be low-end, however as Intel declined to comment, we are still unsure of the screen size, hard disk type and memory types.

What strikes us as most interesting is the fact that you will not need electricity to run these babies as a simple couple of hand-cranks will be enough. Yes, you heard right – hand cranks. We are yet to see how these cranks will be designed and implemented – but we're not sure whether we should call this a technological advancement or „backwardsment“.

Prices will range from 200$ to $500 and they're due for shipment in October.

More here.

Last modified on 05 June 2007
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