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Art Lebedev Optimus appeared

by on15 March 2007


Optimus Maximus! for $1500 only

Pictures of final Optimus keyboard, presented on CeBIT, appeared. Downside is this is that the product price also appeared. All that noise about Optimus, and all that waiting came with a bit sour taste. Don't get me wrong, I am certainly glad that it isn't Vapoware, but it comes with a price tag that is so high up, that you can buy a decent laptop for that money.

Target of Optimus is certainly not a average computer user, it is made for enthusiasts and professionals that can get most out of it.




The keyboard ended up with 114 keys. Every key, including the space bar has a display that is 32x32 pixels full-color OLED. It has 10 extra keys on the left for controlling/monitoring functions.

Now for that sour thing. Art Lebedev will start taking pre-orders later this month for a USD 1,490. A "way too much" for a keyboard. But OLED, and Art Lebedev design logo is expensive.


Expect some pictures directly from CeBIT in these upcoming days.


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