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Bluetooth 2.2 coming in 2009

by on05 December 2008


With 10x and 100x speed boost

According to the Bluetooth SIG, we can expect an updated Bluetooth standard sometime in mid 2009 which will boost speeds by 10x and 100x compared to Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR. This is a bold claim, although it seems like things are getting a little bit more complicated than they've been.

To get the 10x performance boost in transfer speeds, Bluetooth is taking advantage of WiFi and to get the 100x transfer speed increase, they need to make use of UWB or Ultra Wide Band technology. From what we make of this, Bluetooth will piggyback on the other interfaces, rather than use their own wireless interface.

This is a clever way to boost performance, but we're wondering how well it will work. If it's just a matter of a software solution, then it could be the best thing that has happened to Bluetooth, as it should allow for an easy upgrade path for any device that's using WiFi, but if it's a hardware implementation, then we're not sure how popular it will become.

We'll have to wait until more information is released with regard to how it all will work, but Bluetooth is badly in need of a performance boost, as no one likes a slow file transfer protocol, despite the many other uses Bluetooth has to offer.
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