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No Apple Home Server for MacWorld

by on06 January 2009


Time Capsule to get some updates, instead

It seems that our lead Apple shadow talker is telling us that the Apple home server product that is in development is not ready yet for MacWorld, and will instead be postponed for launch later this year.

Instead, Apple will make a big deal about some revisions that they have made to the Time Capsule box to allow it to cache software updates for all of the Macs on the local network. Now, Leopard Server has had this functionality for a long time, but the ability to have this feature in a home device would be a very nice feature, indeed, with the update size getting bigger and bigger.

As for the rumored Apple home server, the skinny on this has more to do with the fact that Apple does not have all of the feature functionality and software complete yet. We believe that it is, in fact, a lot farther along in the pipeline than many are saying, but it just is not ready for MacWorld. We predict that you will see it in the back-to-school time frame later this year.

Last modified on 06 January 2009
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