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HIS shows PSUs, AGP and EMI shield

by on11 June 2007

Computex 07: Lots of new products

HIS is most commonly known as a graphics card manufacturer and although the company was showing off a range of new graphics products, its also decided to branch off into other areas.

Oddly enough it seems like HIS has decided to start to sell power supplies, it had a 1,200W and a 620W unit on display. The 620W model had a built in Wattage meter on the back, although the usefullness of this is questionable.

As with several of its competitors, HIS also had a 2600XT dual card on display, although this was much smaller than the cards from MSI and Sapphire, but still not as small as the one from GeCube. Speaking with a representative from the company, we found out that the final board might have GDDR3 instead of GDDR4, since according to him there was no performance benefit of going to GDDR4 as yet and GDDR3 is much cheaper and made more sense for this product.

HIS did of course have AGP versions of the new Radeon HD cards, but it was one of the first out with a 2600 XT AGP card, although it didn't seem like HIS had made its mind up on what type of memory this card will use. It featured a 4-pin floppy type power connector rather than the 6-pin PCIe type power connector seen on the 2600 Pro card from PowerColor.

All these cards should be available as soon as AMD ships the GPU's to its partners.

Finally HIS was showing off the iFilter PCIe noise reduction card, which plugs into a PCIe x1 slot and it's meant to reduce the EMI inside your system and improve the picture quality of TV-tuner cards. These won't be available to purchase, as HIS is planning to bundle these cards with some of its graphcis cards. How well it works is anyone's guess.




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