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D-Link announces photo frame router with NAS

by on07 January 2009


The all-in-one router is here

D-Link has announced what has to be one of the most advanced routers ever, as the DIR-685 (couldn't they have come up with a better name?) features not only a built in digital photo frame, but it can also act as a NAS.

Although we doubt everyone wants to put their router in plain sight, the DIR-685 looks like a good solution for those that can't hide their router. The photo frame function is a novel idea, but the 3.2in display can also be used for displaying router statistics which might be a more appealing feature for some. It can also be used for watching streaming video or weather forecasts on and D-Link also mentions desktop applications in the press release, but doesn't give any more details.

The DIR-685 also has a slot for a 2.5in SATA hard drive which will allow the DIR-685 to act as a NAS. There's also support for direct downloads to the hard drive of torrents and it can also be set up to act as an FTP server. On top if this the DIR-685 also has two USB ports which can either be used for attaching extra USB hard drives or a printer to allow access to it by multiple computers on the network.

With 802.11n support and four Gigabit Ethernet ports, it should also offer decent network performance for both wireless and wired access. Now we're just waiting for a router with a built in coffee maker and everyone will be happy...

No pricing or release date was announced, but we'd expect it to be rather expensive considering all the features.

You can find the press release here


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