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Google phone confirmed

by on12 June 2007
Talk for free

An industry source at Computex Taipei last week confirmed the existence of the Google phone. We don't know many details about the hardware, but this device will actually get you talking for free.

The concept is simple, you get a Google phone, probably even that for free or a nominal one time fee, and once you run out of credit, Google asks you to complete some surveys or to watch its ads and you get more free minutes.

Teenagers are going to love it.

Google didn’t buy double click for nothing and it needs to get that invested money back as soon as it can. Now think about it, doubleclick's advertising potential and millions if not billions invested in the Google ads, all available on a phone. Scary even if you are Nokia. 
The first revision will be aimed at the US market and then it might expand at later date to the rest of the world.

Last modified on 13 June 2007
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