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Wireless SD cards coming soon

by on13 June 2007

Photography on the go made easy, again


Here's one for all you lazy people out there.

If you hate plugging those USB cables into your camera or taking out the memory card, Eye-Fi, a California based start-up will soon have an interesting toy to offer.

The Eye-Fi card is an SD memory card with Wi-Fi, plain and simple, we've already seen wireless cameras around, but the company has come up with something new as well.

It's talking to several websites about allowing direct uploads from your card. Sounds nice, just uploading your pictures straight up to the net, that's it, provided you're not away from civilization and near a Wi-Fi hotspot, of course. It could also help geek reporters at Computex get their stuff published just that little bit faster.

The price is a bit hard to swallow though, a 2GB model will cost around $100, or about three times more than a regular 2GB SD card.

Last modified on 13 June 2007
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