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Dual booting Vista and Windows 7

by on19 January 2009


Step by step guide


We’re sure that many users pounced on the chance to download a beta of Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 7, as we’ve all been waiting for it for a while now. However, some might still want to keep their Vista, as formatting an entire drive just to do some testing might not be what you desire.

We’ve done a little digging (Some say that was anything but little... sub.ed.) and found out that some have already performed Vista-Win7 dual boots, so we thought you might find it useful.

You can find a step-by-step guide here, together with some trial-and-error methods that you might find interesting. I mean, be honest - it's always more fun when the other guy is frustrated with his rig, isn't it?

Last modified on 20 January 2009
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