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Windows 7 should do well on netbooks

by on20 January 2009


Says Ballmer

A part of
last week’s CES notebook show was Steve Ballmer talking about everything except plans to axe thousands of its employees which we are sure it will happen at some point. In first 10 minutes, he mentioned that netbooks were the market that picked up better than Microsoft expected and it looks that the market research companies such as IDC tend to agree.

It was very interesting to hear that he claims that upcoming Windows 7 will be good on netbooks, which gives us a good idea that there might be a special version of this operating system for this small notebooks.

Ballmer also said that Vista and netbooks aren't a match made in heaven, and that you should not expect netbooks powered with Vista. There are a few Vista netbooks on the market, but the majority of vendors still sticks to XP and various versions of Linux.

The future for Microsoft is Windows 7 there is no any doubt about that.  


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