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Google goes mobile, literally

by on20 June 2007
Search engine invests in hybrid engines


Google seems to be fulfilling its green pledge, in a rather unorthodox way.

They've chosen to invest $10 million in hybrid car development, while that isn't really much by their standards, it's a nice move after all.

Hybrid cars are an attempt of the automotive industry to make you feel good about yourself while driving a petrol burning car with a tiny electric engine which is supposed to reduce fuel consumption. In fact, they are very expensive and get you about the same mileage per gallon as a modern common rail diesel car which costs much less to build.

The impact of hybrid cars on the environment is significant, not due to harmful emissions, but due to the difficulties of recycling what's left of its batteries once it dies. One study even went so far to say that during its entire life cycle, including production and waste management, a hybrid pollutes as much as a huge Range Rover.

Who knows, maybe Apple will make some sort of sexy iHybrid with iPhone batteries to help it along.

Last modified on 20 June 2007
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