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Farmers Target WoW Auctions

by on22 June 2007
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Microsoft pay 50 million for GTA4 episodes.

"The first 25 is for the first episodic content package that's supposed to go out and that is in March of '08. That's why it moved into current because it's in the next 12 months. The second 25 will be for the second episodic, the episode, and that will be later in fiscal '08."

Now that´s a shit load of money! :O


Farmers Target WoW Auctions: Very Bad Future.

Chinese Farmers slowly targetting Auctions.  I smell a bad future and a recurrence of the EQ Economic Screw up. Is it Dragonblight only? It took Chinese Farmers awhile before they finally figured out my moneymaking methods -- controlling the mainstream markets.  I used to buy needed armor pieces at low price and sell for high and this swept like a virus upto level 60 armor pieces (wasnt around when BC came out) and made fortunes. Now... The farmers caught on and they are using this same method.. buying upall of the "needed" pieces and selling them for ridiculously high prices. Didn't check other realms by so far, this is happening in Dragonblight.

Results?  People are getting angrier, newbies can't afford stuff, and the stock size balloons to heights just to tease the rest of them.  It's evenmaking holes in the wallets of other people's alts.. even for high levels.
Blizzard clearly stated that they do not have any authority or governance over the Auction house prices.. but I see this only to get worse as time progresses.

This used to be my "one hand" over Chinese farmers that i developed years ago to buy myself and friends needed items.. but now they are catching on and really screwing up the auction house market. I hope that new patch smacks their businesses good.

The Dude

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