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"American Idol" of P2P network

by on24 June 2007


Vote now!

MP3 Rocket has announced that new release of their peer-to-peer software version will allow customers to “vote” on their favourite songs, videos and pictures.


MP3 Rocket is build from a popular branch of Limewire’s open source code. This is the first time that user will be able to vote and view the content they enjoy the most. People at MP3 Rocket are very positive and optimistic about the entire idea. Paschal Rousseau, the customer support manager thinks that this feature will grow extremely popular and will eventually become the American Idol of the P2P world.


Rousseau followed the anouncement with a very interesting statement: “When people can vote online for what they want the world will change. Digital freedom is a shot that has already been heard around the world. Distributed computing should be a basic right of all mankind. In my opinion, file sharing is a freedom that is here to stay, a freedom that no bureaucrat will ever be able to stuff back into the bottle.”

You can follow this link to the MP3 Rocket web page.

Last modified on 24 June 2007
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