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Windows 7 is early Q4

by on20 May 2009


Or late September

We’ve heard that the DirectX 11 capable, Microsoft-butt-saving Windows 7 operating system should be coming latest in Q4 2009. Some customers that depend on it have told us that they expect it either in September or October time.

Windows 7 brings high hopes, as everyone sees it as the next milestone and much better than Vista, but honestly we still don’t understand why so many people are against Vista as this operating system runs just fine, as long as you have enough memory.

Since RAM and storage memory are dirt cheap these days, we don’t think that people should worry that much. Just like the original Phenom K10 65nm, Vista was branded as broken from the day one, and this is tough to change. 

This will be the first operating system in the history that will have lesser resource requirements than the previous version, but this is exactly what users have demanded, and since Microsoft is in the business of making the money, they won’t argue and they will give its customers what they want.

We still don’t know the fix date but out sources believe you can see the official Windows 7 either in late September or early October.

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