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Activision confirmed Soldier of Fortune sequel

by on28 June 2007
Soldier of Fortune: Pay Back is the title


We wrote yesterday about the rumors floating around on the net about a Soldier of Fortune sequel. Our colleagues over at Kotaku managed to get a confirmation and some of the early tips.

So here is what is known so far, Activision confirmed that Soldier of Fortune: Pay Back is going to be published by Activision's Minneapolis office. And that's that, nothing more. From all that excitement, even Kotaku managed to get just those few words of confirmation. Activision used the rumors just so it can add more heat to, what we think is already a burning situation.

Nevertheless, Kotaku managed to get some tips from a source that claims that he has seen the game in its early stages of development and it looks great. If you played the last SOF you know that they did something called "gore zones", which means that you could blow off a specific part of an enemy's body. This time they aim for 36 points on each model. Lots of parts flying if you ask me.

And now for the upsetting part of the tip, apparently this time Raven Soft is not the developer. As we said before, Activision added some heat and will probably keep the barbecue going 'till E3.

We can just wait and hope for the best.


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