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New GTA IV trailer is here

by on29 June 2007


Still a good old GTA


The new trailer titled "Looking for that Special Someone" went online today, just like Rockstar announced and as we wrote earlier.

The previous trailer titled "Things Will Be Different" was more concentrated on the looks of the new Liberty City. This time its more about the games protagonist, Nikko Bellic.

For the first time we have a video showing motorcycles and helicopters. Hanging on one of the helicopters or hanging on the truck is a nice concept. This time, you will surely notice that the trailer is a bit more aggressive, shooting, car chases with cops etc. Those scenes throws away certain rumors that the new GTA might be less violent, like Rockstar would ever allow that.

As for Nikko, it looks like the story line will be that he's looking for "that special" someone, then we get to see a blond woman pleading "No more killing", various other characters arguing with him. You may notice that the trailer shows some action inside buildings and Gamespot hinted that GTA "may have as much activity inside buildings as outside."

We will just have to wait for October 16th for North America or October 19 if you're in Euroland. You can check out the trailer here.


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