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Coolaler gets a new record on MSI Eclipse SLI

by on29 May 2009


LN2 meets Core i7 975 for 5709.73MHz

The "OC king" from China, Coolaler broke a new record with Core i7 975 and MSI's Eclipse SLI. The Core i7 was overclocked to 5709.73MHz which is a 71.29 percent overclock.

The system includes Core i7 Extreme 975 CPU, MSI's Eclipse SLI X58 motherboard, 6GB of G.Skill memory working at 845.9 MHz (2:8) at 6-7-6-18 latencies. The CPU multiplier was set at 27 while the bus speed was at 211.47MHz.

Coolaler holds quite a few world records including the one with AMD's Phenom II 940 clocked at 6517.52MHz, and Intel Core i7 940 clocked at 5640.8MHz.

You can check out the CPU-Z validation here.


Last modified on 30 May 2009
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