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Microsoft upset with Intel

by on08 June 2009


Moblin is a threat

We used
to call them WinTel, as Intel was one of the loudest supporters of Redmond's Windows operating systems, but since it came up with Atom and netbooks, Intel is trying to push for Linux. Intel calls it Moblin 2.0 and this OS is supposed to give you everything you should need to type and surf the web.

Once Intel starts pushing its own Linux in some sort of a bundle with Atom, 945GC chipset and its OS, this clearly spells losses for Microsoft and since the software giant is all about making money, they're not exactly avid supporters of Intel as they have been before.

The tricky part for Microsoft is that they don’t have much of a chance, as Intel's CPUs are used in roughly 80 percent of all PCs shipped worldwide and in order to keep most of these 80 percent running Windows they have to nurture "friendship" with Intel. Luckily Moblin is an OS for netbooks but we believe it's just a matter of time before Intel starts pushing Moblin or Desklin on other platforms.

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