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US spends fortune on star wars missile shield

by on22 June 2009


To protect Hawaii from North Korea

The US
government is spending a fortune on a hi-tech experimental missile shield and radar system and is going to deploy it in Hawaii before it knows if it works.

Apparently the US has started to believe North Korean propaganda which claims it will launch a Taepodong-2 missile towards Hawaii. In response the Pentagon has decided to rush the still-in-development Army Terminal High-Altitude Air Defense missile systems and the SBX x-band radar into action.

Originally the system was designed in the 1990s and was so useless at intercepting missiles that standing on a tall tree with a fly swat was marginally more effective. However the system was revamped and proved much more accurate at least when it was targeting simulated targets. Apparently simulated targets are easier to hit than real life ones, which makes you wonder if the programming on their simulations was a bit off.

The SBX x-band radar also suffers from technological and maintenance problems along with security concerns. It cannot work if the water is a bit rough either. Joint Chiefs vice chairman General James Cartwright is "90-plus percent sure" the missile shield and radar would be able to intercept incoming targets from North Korea.

Still North Korea would be extremely dumb trying a nuclear Pearl Harbour against the US. It would give the hawks in the US the excuse to put most of North Korea into the stratosphere and get rid of a ton of nuclear weapons it did not need any more. (Not sure the South Koreans would appreciate that...sub.ed.)
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