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MSI MOA 2009 gets its winners

by on21 July 2009


MOA 2009: Poland snatches victory in Germany

MSI's Master Overclocking Arena 2009 EU finals have come to a close, and after two days of pouring LN2 and burning some CPUs, motherboards and graphics cards the winners and world record breakers are the guys from Poland. These guys managed to break a 3DMark03 world record with its LN2 cooled GTX 260 Lightning with a result of 80711 marks.

The second place went to Hipro and Gprhellas from Greece while the third place went to the guys from Sweden. The fourth and fifth place went to the guys from Finland and Denmark. The rest of the competitors did a great job as well, but in the end these top five are the one that came out as winners.

Even thought that Ryba and Chaos did not have highest score in SuperPi, those high scores in Aquamark and 3DMark03 gave them a clear win. The Polish guys managed to overclock their graphics card to 1020MHz for the GPU, 1200MHz for memory and a quite impressive 2110MHz for shaders. The CPU was working at 5024.7MHz and the memory was working at 873.8MHz with 6-6-6-18 latencies.

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The one thing that we heard from most of the overclockers on there is that MSI Eclipse SLI was pretty good and that some of them were even quite surprised as they are used to going for EVGA, DFI or Gigabyte for overclocking hardware, and now it looks that MSI is getting really serious and much better in this part of the market.

We congratulate the winning team from Poland, and wish them best luck at the MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2009 finals in Bejing.



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