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Xbox 360 breakdowns at 50 percent

by on18 August 2009


Red ring of death worse than the plague

The Xbox 360
red ring of death kills off more than half of the consoles, according to a new survey printed in Game Informer.

The survey of 5000 readers shows that the failure rate has climbed to a shocking 54.2 per cent. Console failure rates for the Playstation 3 were only 10 per cent and for the Wii were 6.8 per cent.

The Xbox was also likely to blow up again after a repair. More than 41.2 per cent of Xboxes had to go back to the shop after a second repair in comparison to 14.7 per cent of PS3s and 11 per cent of Wiis. As you would expect, the figures of such a survey are slightly off.

The Wii had the lowest hardware failure rate could be because console is played the least. More than 41.4% of Wii owners surveyed said they play the console less than one hour a day, meanwhile the majority of Xbox 360 (40.3%) and Playstation 3 (37 percent ) owners say they play their console on an average of three to five hours day. [So unlike them, people with Wiis have a life. sub.ed.]

The figures also depend on the readership of the magazine, but 50 per cent is still high however Microsoft spins it. Strangely only 3.8 per cent of respondents said they'd never buy another Xbox system because of the failure rates.
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