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Larrabee 4 might be the one

by on20 August 2009


Late 2010 or later

we reported here that Larrabee 3 is the one that Intel plans to show and possibly ship in 2010, but recent update indicates that Intel might try another core before it finally releases Larrabee.

Since Larrabee 3 is planned for middle of 2010, in case it doesn’t slips again, Larrabee 4 is being mentioned as a potential launch candidate. If Intel skips Larrabee 3 and decides to go for Larrabee 4, this will cause further delays and might push the release of Intel’s GPU by at least late 2010 early 2011.

With Intel’s high TDP they desperately need to go for smaller manufacturing process and 32nm sure looks better than 45nm that Intel currently uses. The question is can Intel start manufacturing Bulk 32nm product in second half of 2010, to meet this schedule.

For the time being, at least until mid of 2010, Larrabee is nothing Nvidia and ATI should be worried about, as its yet to be showed and launched.  

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