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Most popular drugs on online searches

by on09 July 2007




An analysis of hundreds of thousands of online searches for drug prices made on in the past year revealed some unsurprising results.

ED drugs, or erectile dysfunction drugs is at top the list. All three major brands, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are in the top ten. Overall Viagra ranked second, with 20000 searches, just one thousand short of the top. In fact, it was beaten by in-house competition in the guise of Pfizer's cholesterol reducer Lipitor.

Cialis came in third, with 15000 searches and Bayer's Levitra finished on 8th place with just 8000 searches. Seems like American consumers trust the Germans when it comes to hi tech stuff and cars, but not when it comes down to their reproductive troubles.

Last modified on 09 July 2007
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