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Sharp develops 100GB, 8x Blu-ray discs

by on15 September 2009


Pornographers rejoice

Sharp is
gearing up to start mass production of high capacity Blu-ray discs capable of storing 100GB of data and churning it out at 8x read speeds.

The extra capacity and performance are achieved by adding additional layers to the discs. The new discs will feature three or four layers for 75GB and 100GB capacities. All this is made possible by recent advances in laser technology and improvements in laser optics. Sharp will use 405nm blue violet lasers for the new media, while conventional DVD drives use red lasers with 600nm wavelengths.

However, it's still not clear whether the new discs will be available anytime soon. Sharp still needs BDA approval for the standard before it markets it. There were quite a few attempts to make 100GB Blu-ray drives in the past, but none of them ever made it to retail.

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