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Fudzilla passed 10 million visits

by on11 July 2007


1.79 million unique

Yesterday Fudzilla passed one milestone. According to our internal Urchin statistic tool, Fudzilla just passed the 10 million page views mark and we have to thank about 1.8 million unique visitors who took their time to check out our content.

In a bit longer than four months Fudzilla staff wrote about 1900 articles and we all spent 974 GB traffic on our new server. All these readers also generated 87 million server requests.

United States readers are first as a single country in our stats then comes Germany on second place and Europe altogether including southern, western, northern and eastern is about 54 percent of our readers. Japanese readers are at the fifth place.

This month alone US is no 1, Germany is no 2, United Kingdom is no 3, Canada is no 4, Japan no 5, Netherlands is no 6, Spain is no7, Australia is no 8, Italy is no9 and surprisingly the place where i spend most of my time and call it home these days, Austria is no 10.   

An average reader spends 6 minutes and 20 seconds on our site  and in that time an average reader reads 5.61 articles which is above industry standards.

We just wanted to thank you all for your support and share this moment with you.

Update: We could not resist not to mention that in these four months we were set up and posted false Agena benchmarks which we apologized for before. We also got deleted from Wiki(you are deleted)pedia. However we were the first with most of the R600 and many K10 and K10.5 news and definitely the first with a real Barcelona screenshot that you can check here

Last modified on 12 July 2007
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