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Nvidia won?t do a DMI chipset

by on02 October 2009


The plans have changed

used QPI chipset for Bloomfield CPUs and for Lynnfield and Arrandale & Clarkdale it uses DMI chipsets. Nvidia’s head of chipset division, General manager of Ion and Geforce Drew Henry just confirmed that Nvidia won’t make a DMI chipset.

He said that environment created by Intel was not healthy for their business model and therefore they have decided not to go after that product. This is definitely a change of plans as Nvidia was telling us last year roughly at the same time that they will go and launch a DMI chipset but not QPI.

They will continue to license the SLI for many motherboards including P55 and some future ones but they won’t be making any DMI chipset with an integrated IGP. It looks like this is the end of the high end and mainstream chipset from Nvidia for Intel CPUs.

ION plans are fine and after Ion one comes the Ion 2 simply as this chipset uses a different P4 bus. This is something Nvidia is confident about and they want to continue doing it. 
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