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Dell readies Zino HD nettops

by on06 October 2009


ION-less Atom and AMD version

A bloke
has dug up some specs on Dell's upcoming Zino HD nettop, and it seems the new toy will come in two distinct flavours.

Let's starting with the Inspiron 300, which will be based on Intel Atom chips, but will not feature Nvidia's ION chipset. It will stick to Intel's godawful IGP, so we're really not sure why anyone would stick an HD suffix in its designation. It will feature 1GB of memory and a 3.5-inch hard drive.

Moving along to the slightly more interesting Inspiron 400, we see a rather well spec'd nettop with proper CPUs and graphics. It will be powered by AMD Athlon and Ahtlon X2 chips, although we're not quite sure which ones. AMD has plenty of low TDP parts to choose from, including mobile Neo processors, all based on the venerable K8 architecture. Still, they will wipe the floor with any Atom, and the optional Mobility Radeon 4330 should take care of HD content and some casual gaming.

Even if you don't go for the optional discrete Radeon, the 780G chipset packs the HD 3200, which is still one of the best IGPs on the market. Also, the AMD-based version packs HDMI and eSATA.

You can find out more details here.
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