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USB 3.0 adoption will be slow

by on22 October 2009


No Intel backing yet

A couple
of days back we wrote about a new Gigabyte motherboard with SATA 6Gb/s and USB 3.0. You might look at it as a sign of things to come, as other vendors are quietly developing boards along similar lines.

However, don't hold your breath when it comes to USB 3.0 support, as Intel isn't exactly in a rush to put its weight behind the new standard. According to EE Times, Intel won't support USB 3.0 in its chipsets until some point in 2011, and vendors who opt to add it to their motherboards will have to turn to costly third party controllers.

Basically this means that you won't see USB 3.0 on cheap boards, hence you won't see many USB 3.0 peripherals as there will simply be next to no market for them. If you were hoping that wireless USB could start showing up in motherboards soon, stop. It's basically dead already.

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