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Core i5 duals to launch January 3rd

by on26 October 2009


From $176 to $284

This time
we are talking about the remaining CPUs from the Core i5 branding category for desktops and in early January Intel plans to launch five new parts.

Since the Core i5 brand is already out as a quad-core, we are certain that this announcement will bring some additional confusion over what are you buying. The slowest of the dual-core desktop clan is Core i5 650 and this one works at 3.2GHz, has two cores and four thread support as well as 4MB cache. It will start selling on the January 3rd for $176, wholesale price.

The faster brother is Core i5 660. It shares the same spec but works at 3.33GHz and should sell for $196.For the same money you will get Core i5 661 that shares the same spec but doesn't support SIPP 2010 and if you want the best dual-core you will have to reach for Core i5 670 and get yourself a 3.46GHz CPU that will debut for $284.
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