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Razer announces its Abyssus gaming mouse

by on11 November 2009


Updated: Goes back to basics

Razer has announced a new gaming rodent, dubbed the Abyssus. The new mouse from Razer is quite interesting, and it has honestly surprised us, considering the fact that last two that came from Razer, either had a high price tag (Mamba) or way too many buttons for our taste (Naga).

Razer has decided to get back to the basics and this one is combines Razer's high-grade specifications with a simple three-button ambidextrous design. This of course also means that the new Abyssus will have a reasonable price as well.

Don't get us wrong as Razer didn't skimp out on the specifications, and we are still looking at a rodent that has a 3500dpi Precision 3.5G infrared sensor as well as Hyper-response buttons, Ultraslick Teflon feet, 2.1m cord, 1ms response time and scroll wheel with 24 click positions.

The Abyssus should be available pretty soon as it can already be pre-ordered over at with a US $49.99 price tag while the estimated ship date is 12th of November, or tomorrow. Europe is less lucky as it will be available again soon but with a €49.99 price tag.

Update: Razer contacted us regarding the European price which should be listed at €39.99, and although it is still listed at €49.99 we are sure that Razer will fix that little glitch pretty soon.


Last modified on 12 November 2009
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