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Nobody in a Rush to Upgrade to Vista

by on16 July 2007


Wait and see tactics
Complaints about Vista continue, overshadowing the hype and touted improvements in Windows’ standard desktop graphics and security.  Users are discovering that Vista often does not work with their key existing electronics devices, such as printers, scanners, digital cameras and MP3 players, as well as with some business critical proprietary software programs.

Most companies and consumers are taking a “wait and see” attitude toward adopting Vista and will likely wait to upgrade to Vista until they purchase new hardware and are forced into adding it.

Most industry analysts predict that the Vista upgrade will not be installed on the majority of computers for about another 5 years. While Microsoft has not put forth a tremendous marketing buzz there just isn’t the excitement and consumer benefits to be gained by upgrading to Vista as there was with the release of Windows 95 and 98. 

In the meantime, consumers and businesses are hoping that Microsoft releases a service pack to address the incompatibility problems before they are required to run Vista with their computers.
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