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Fortress FT02 wins iF Product Design Award 2010

by on16 December 2009


Unparalleled design innovation

For the past
several months, we have been eyeing a particular chassis coming from the deep, inner depths of SilverStone’s mid-tower manufacturing line, a masterpiece waiting to be released to the mass market of enthusiast system builders to behold all of its inner beauty and exceptional design.

In fact, we only recently mentioned its existence in the marketplace a few weeks ago as we saw fit. It is now the middle of December, the moment when the holiday shopping season begins to unwind, Fedex and UPS employees are required to work extra-overtime, and shoppers are left with lint-filled pockets and empty bank accounts as they experience the beginning of a new decade and generation. It is at this same time, however, that enthusiast hardware manufacturers begin to announce and release a trickle of next-generation goodies ranging from memory modules, hard drives, high-end GPUs and even cases.


In perspective, SilverStone recently announced the Fortress FT02 chassis, a work of art and aesthetics combining two of SilverStone’s most distinctive computer chassis breakthroughs – the unibody construction of the Temjin TJ07 introduced in 2005, and the 90-degree rotated motherboard design of the Raven RV01 from 2008. The company’s engineers have combined the rigidity of unibody construction with the unparalleled cooling layout of the Raven chassis, adding a hot-swappable hard drive cage and an acoustically padded interior for maximum versatility.

Yesterday, we were exited to learn that the company proudly announced its latest flagship case design had received the iF (International Forum Design) product design award for 2010. A collection of international jury gathered in Hanover, Germany and judged over 2,486 products from over 39 countries to make their selections. Among all of these candidates, the forum chose to award the SilverStone Fortress FT02 with the design win. If there was any other better way to express our enthusiasm about this particular chassis, it would be noted with the mention of this exceptional award.

The SilverStone Fortress FT02 should be available in the company’s US office sometime next week, and we will be following up with a review very shortly.



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