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Wii Fit is pants

by on17 December 2009


Little effect on fitness

A professor
of health and exercise at the University of Mississippi ran out of things to do and decided to conduct a study of eight families to find out whether Nintendo's Wii Fit would have a positive effect on their fitness. It didn't.

The study lasted over a year and families were monitored through 3-month cycles. Families used Wii Fit for three months, then paused for the next three months. The study concluded young kids do indeed stand to benefit from Wii Fit, as they exhibited 'an increase in aerobic fitness'. However, older and presumably fatter family members showed few if any changes.

The families also seem to have gotten quite bored with the game over the course of the study. During the first month and a half, family members spent an average of 22 minutes playing Wii Fit, but over the course of the study this number went down to just 4 minutes.

So here's a Fudzilla fitness tip - if you want to get into shape, just stop eating so much, go out and do stuff. It didn't work for us, but it might work for you.

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