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The European Commission likes DVB-H

by on19 July 2007

But doesn't really want to get involved

The slow uptake of a standard for digital broadcasts for mobile devices across Europe has lead the European Commission to launch into action and it has published its thoughts on what needs to be done.

As there are many competing standards, such as DVB-H, T-DMB, MediaFLO, mbms and more exotic things like Japan's 1Seg and the BBC choice in the UK, TV over DAB radio. Then there's of course DVB-T which is already a standard for none mobile TV.

The European Commission sees DVB-H as the best alternative for broadcasted signals, although if you live in Germany, you can already watch live T-DMB TV if you have a compatible device.

Most European countries are testing various systems or even combinations of systems to provide its potential users with the best possible experience. This doesn't always seem to be the case, as the TV over DAB system that the UK has is rather appaling when in come to picture quality and reception.

None the less, if all goes well we might just see a common mobile TV standard across Europe, but that might be asking for too much. You can read the European Commission's press release here
Last modified on 19 July 2007
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