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Asus Eee Keyboard ready for February

by on07 January 2010



Despite the fact that it has been introduced to public at CES 2009, or should we say a year ago, Asus' Eee Keyboard still hasn't been officially released and has endured bunch of delays. According to the latest report, this all-in-one keyboard should hit retail in February.

As we wrote before, Asus' Eee Keyboard has had some cosmetic and specifications changes during this year, but the concept remained pretty much the same. You get a keyboard that has a 5-inch 800x480 capacitive touch screen, 1.6GHz Atom N270, 1GB of memory, 16 or 32GB SSD for storage, Intel's notorious GMA 950 integrated graphics and an ability to play HD content thanks to Broadcom chip.

All of these features are neatly packed in an aluminium body and we are sure that a big part of the consumer market would gladly see one of these in their living room.

The rumoured price is a rather saucy US $499/$599, and it will run on Windows XP Home OS. The battery life should be around four hours but as always it depends on the workload.

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